Family owned and operated for over 42 years

Weyer Forest Products, Inc. began in 1978 when Jack Weyer (III) and John Weyer (IV) partnered their expertise in the lumber industry. Jack had previously been the President and Marketing Director for Amex Forest Products until its sale to Champion Building Products. John Weyer, after graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in finance, was employed by Moore International and had 6 years of experience building sawmill equipment all over the Southeastern United States. Upon Amex's sale to Champion, Jack and John teamed up to start Weyer Forest Products, Inc. Jack Weyer retired in 1999. John's son Jack (V) joined the company in 2006 to add a third generation to the business.

As the company grew from its Wholesale/Distribution origins, it developed strong niches in the areas of specialty lumber, industrial use lumber, distribution and large timbers. With the addition of WCW Reman, LLC in 2003, Weyer Forest Products, Inc. expanded its base of operations to include 1x2 furring strips, lobster traps, PET and its own trucking division. The company's far and longstanding reach into lumber resources has allowed it to operate strongly whether the market favors new construction, remodel and repair, or industrial based lumber needs.

Maintaining long term customer relations is a hallmark of Weyer Forest Products, Inc. and the company has a strong reputation in the Southeast for providing quality products, assisting in inventory control, and going that extra mile to ensure specialty products are procured and produced in a timely manner. Many of its customers have done business with Weyer Forest Products, Inc. since its inception and many others have sought out their services because of their word of mouth reputation.

Weyer Forest Products, Inc. is interested in partnering with you and commits to deliver the product and service that we have provided others for over three decades. Call us today to see how we can help you!

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