Weyer Forest ProductsOur full service remanufacturing facility, centrally located in Worthington Springs, Florida, provides our customers with Furring Strips, Pointed Stakes, PET, Band & Groove, Ripped and Resawn Material, Web Stock and high quality Pattern Stock. We are able to accommodate your Specialty Cut needs and offer Unload/Reload services and Inventory Storage.

Our facility is equipped with a gang rip, hol-tec bandsaw, sander, precision end trim and chop saw line. Whether it's our inventory or product you brought to us, we can manufacture the following items or any other needs you may have:

• APG resawn
• Pointed Grade stakes 1x2, 2x2, 2x4
• Stud manufacturing
• 1x2 Furring strip manufacturing (string tied)
• 2x2 Deck pickets (string tied)
• Band and groove for repackaging
• Center rip and resawing lumber
• Lobster trap parts
• Repacking and stacking
• Lumber storage
• Unload / Reload
• Bar coding

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