Weyer Forest ProductsWith extensive contacts throughout the Southeast United States, we can supply all your Specialty Lumber needs in Southern Yellow Pine and Cypress Timbers. From 3x6's to 12x18's up to 40' long, we are the one stop for your Specialty Timbers and all Cypress Patterns.

For years we have been a supplier of specialty patterned materials and heavy timber going into homes, churches and resorts all over the southeast and the Caribbean. Whether your needs are a #2 or a #1 appearance wane free, we are your source. This list includes:

• Heavy timbers and beams, pulled to the piece
• Pattern lumber of all grades and dimesions
• 2x6 radius edge decking and T&G V Joined
• IPE decking
• 2x6 and 2x8 rough dimension lumber
• Corral boards in SYP or Cypress
• Any special requests you may have

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